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Question: Do you ship to the USA?
Answer: Of course.
Q. Do you ship to Australia?
A. Of course.
Q. Do you have a size chart?
A. In regards to pants, no: all of them are custom made, following the client's measurements. In the future, more products may be added to the catalog, and those may be based on a size chart system.
Q. Are your models different for women and men?
A. No. Unless the contrary is stated, all models are unisex. Width, lenght, etc. of each one depend on each client's characteristics.
Q. How do I place an order?
A. Send an e-mail to or contact us in our Facebook page. In any case you will be required - and as such you'll be asked - to provide three measurements: your total height (head to toe), your waist perimeter (hip bone waist) and your usual trouser size.
Q. How much are the shipping costs?
A. That's a tricky question to answer. Shipping costs depend on the order's size and weight. That size and weight depend on several issues: quantity and characteristics of the ordered models, their dimensions, fabrics employed, etc. The following is merely an orientative example:
- Pascalón: 9€ (Spain), 15€ (Europe), 17€ (rest of the world).
- Lansquetón: 12€ (Spain), 22€ (Europe), 28€ (rest of the world).
- Protectón: 14€ (Spain), 32€ (Europe), 36€ (rest of the world).
Q. Is it neccesary to pay upfront?
A. Yes. Payment will be required when crafting of the ordered products is ready to begin.
Q. What payment methods are available?
A. Bank transfer or Paypal (client's choice). The last one will include a 3% extra fee to cover up for Paypal's own fees.
Q. Regarding maintenance, what do you advice for washing and drying this kind of clothes?
A. For little sweat stains, I advice to rub them with a small towel soaked in white vinegar - not only cleans but also helps with the smell. For more complete wash-ups, the first time do it by hand and in cold water, for caution over possible colour trouble (you never know with new fabrics). You can switch to the washing machine the next time, but keep the water cold. In regards to drying, always air-dry if possible. Dryers are evil.
Q. I have more questions...
A. Do not hesitate to write an e-mail to in order to ask them ;-) Alternatively, you can also contact us through our Facebook page.