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If you wish to make contact with us, please do it by writing an e-mail to or just contact with us via our Facebook page.
If you wish to place an order, you must provide the following information:
  • Name and surname.
  • Products you're interested in, including details (i.e. "black lansqueton with eight red slashes, a pocket and green cords").
  • Shipping address (so shipping costs can be calculated as soon as possible).
  • The following measurements:
    • Pants: total height (head to toe), midriff perimeter (anatomical waist), waist perimeter (clothing or 'hip bone' waist), hip perimeter and calf perimeter.
    • Jacket: total height (head to toe), neck perimeter, shoulder width, chest perimeter, midriff perimeter (navel), waist perimeter (hip bone), lenght of arm (folded in a 90º angle).
    • Beret: head perimeter (around the temple, usually 60-64cm for men, 54-58cm for women).
If you wish so, you may employ the quick contact tool available below.

Quick contact

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