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  Zimmerpants are baggy and comfortable pants, adjusted to the waist by an elastic band and a cord which can be tied at the front. The cuffs have a ribbon that should be tied under the knees. This model was developed from the Pascalón pattern, applying a frizzed effect in both the waist and the cuffs.
  The first Zimmerpants model was a custom order by Ekkehard Zimmer, in night blue fabric with details in golden yellow, taking inspiration from this picture. The basic model is completely black, without the side cords, although adding them has been quite a popular request.
  The design is fully compatible with knee and shin protective gear.
  Technical specs.
  • ​Base price: 55€
  • Material: cotton or polyester fabric, or a mix (in example, 65% polyester - 35% cotton).
  • Weight: around 500g usually (may vary depending on the client's measurements).
  • Customization:
    • Pockets: may be added for +3€ (one) or +5€ (the pair). They go in the inside of the back, roughly over the buttocks, not visible from the outside. They're large enough to fit a phone, some keys, a wallet, etc.
    • Colors: in theory, any color is possible; in practice, it will come down to fabrics availability. It's possible to order color combinations (half and half, chesslike, etc.) although in such cases the final price may go up slightly.
    • The waist and cuffs cords are black by default, but may also be replaced by other colors (+1€).
    • Additional cords may be added to the sides (gros-grain, passementerie or both) for aesthetic purposes. This will mean a price rise, dependent on their number and nature.


The Original
The Original

The first Zimmerpants. Night blue fabric, golden yellow gros-grain cords and passementerie.

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The Original (side)
The Original (side)

Side view of the original.

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Black / gold
Black / gold

Black Zimmerpants with golden yellow gros-grain and passementerie.

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